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Andrew O'Beirne's passion for photography is driven by what he can creatively accomplish for his clientele. Maybe it has something to do with the only job he ever had previous to becoming a professional commercial photographer, which consisted of making change for customers at an arcade on the Jersey Shore.  Then again, maybe it doesn't.  Maybe it's the education he received at the Hallmark Institute of Photography or his decades of experience.  Either way, it's a drive that has him always searching for the best creative avenues for his client's projects and cultivating long-standing successful partnerships as an experienced artist and businessman.  With a well-lit studio located in the artistic, industrial section of Hoboken a stone's throw from the PATH station, Andrew captures client subjects of all shapes and sizes, from what fits on a fingertip to what fills a room. So maybe it does have something to do with making change after all.  And when he's not operating his studio, Andrew is reading comic books and running to get back into shape (with a preference for the comic books).


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We're conveniently located in the historic Newman Leather Building of the Arts in Hoboken, NJ, with ample free parking and only a few blocks from the Hoboken Path Station.

AOB Studio
333 Newark Street | Suite E30 | Hoboken, NJ 07030


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Client Satisfaction with AOB Studio

I would like to thank all those who made my photographic career possible.

  • The Ortley Beach Crew for being my first subjects on the skate board and in the surf.

  • Professor Robert M. LaTorre, Michael Brown and Paul Turnbull for teaching and pointing the way.

  • Jack and George Baluski for giving me a shot.

  • Jeff Silverman for showing me how to run a business and like it.

  • Mark Weiss for teaching me how to make my photos rock in the music industry.

  • Lou Schwartz, Liam Schatten and Norm Hecht for teaching me how to work in NYC.

  • Mom and Dad, who maybe didn't understand at first but taught me how to do right.

  • My sisters Noreen, Ellen, Joan and Mary Ann, who did understand, and my brother Christopher.

  • Michaela Zanzani for being my punkin.  

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